Occeair and Airbeit

Occeair and Airbeit

Bia sat down Occeair one day.
The two were playing a game. Occeair bet time. Bia bet death. The two fought and fought within their realm laughing at each other. Finally Bia lost. Occeair laughed. Bia laughed with Occeair. They sat on the shore together.

Bia asked why he loved humanity so much. Occeair responded clearly “I have been them and they came from me. We are one and the same.” Bia smirked. “Yet you play with them why?” Occeair lay down on the sand. “Because it is fun.” Bia flopped down with him. “Tell me Occeair do you ever think things through?” Occeair laughed. “No you should know that.” Bia smiled. “Tell me will you ever learn to control your thoughts” “some things are out of our control.” Occeair looked at Bia. This time Occeair asked Bia “Tell me. Will you visit me in each life?” Bia grew tense. “Why should I do such a thing?” “Because I tend to miss you from time to time.” Bia looked at him. “It's a maybe.” Bia put her finger to the sky. “But not until Genwa is known.” Occeair sighed. “You always make things difficult for me.” “I do what I must.” Bia laughed.

She sat up. The two chatted some more and began to wrestle. They were evenly matched. Bia pinned Occeairs arm behind his back. “I win.” Occeair relented. Bia let go. “Tell me how long will it take?” “many years.” “Will it happen?” Bia sat down. Bia covered her right eye “Eventually.” “I appreciate your honesty.” Bia smirked. “You should.”

Bia looked out to the Ocean. She looked at Occeair. “Come I have someone for you to meet.” She took her dark hand in oceairs pale ones. She led him to a cave. Where within be two girls. One shaking. The other expressionless.

“Who are these people?” Bia walked over to the girl moving sporadically. “C'mon speak.” The girl stuttered but nothing. Bia sighed. She took the other. “This is Tearake. And this is Corpzaha” Occeair looked at the girl. He sat down and pushed back her hair. She was freezing her gaze averted from him. Their eyes met for a moment. “What are they?” Occeair asked. “Your touching time” Oceair recoiled. “This is her sister death” Occeair winced. “I was not aware that we were betting-” Bia smiled. “No. I was not.” Bia held the girl.

“Regardless this one's yours” She pushed the girl towards Occeair. She was terrified. “Bia I don't know what you think your pulling here!” Bia closed her right eye. She took a sword from her hip. “Kill her” Occacair looked down. “Bia” Bia laughed. “You were fine taking the Sea. You were fine taking the wind. You were fine taking the animals of youth. You were fine dooming humanity to illness that came from your mind! But the second you see a young girl cold your heart hardens.” Occeair took the knife.

The girl started to scream. Her eyes went wide. Occeair pinned her down. He sliced her chest sticking his hand within her. He took the golden heart oozing from the wound and pushed some in to his mouth. He hid something within his pocket. Bia began to raise her knife. Occeair realizing what he had done overcome with sudden grief yelled “No stop!” The girl looked around her. Bia paused. “Stop?” She threw it to the ground and fought with Occeair. Then the girl began to run. Bia sliced off the girls arm. However she escaped. Bia was quick with the blood. She yelled at Occeair for disrupting the ritual. He took the arm and they departed.

Occeair went down to Jikau. He spoke of not what he was to do. He took the girls heart that he had hidden in his pocket and united it with the tree of Ja. He laid before it =the girls arm as sacrifice. A baby emerged from the tree. A white human girl with mismatched eyes. Occeair took the infant. “I shall call her Airbeit”. Occeair raised the girl in secret. With the help of the goddess Yena. She learnt archery, writing, human language, the way of the sword and combat. But something was missing. She never once felt rage, or anger, or morality. One day when the girl was 15 he asked her a question. “Will you ever betray me?” “no Ocey.” he looked at her. “You must promise me your life.” Airbeit looked down. “I promise my life that I will not betray you Ocey.” Occeair pulled her into a hug.

Soon she became curious. She asked why he never seemed to age. He responded “Because the gods eat from the fruit that keeps us young” Airbeit sat down. “May I have the fruit?” Oceair looked sad. “If I give it to you now. You will stay 15 for eternity” Airbeit smiled. “I am aware.” Occeair asked her to show her hands. He shook her hand. Then Occeair handed her a fruit yellow in texture with giant seeds. She opened and ate. Her eyes began to glow and soon she fell asleep. Several years later. Airbeit was with Occeair on a sea voyage. A giant storm lay overhead. They traveled to an island. Where oceair anchored his boat.

They took residence in a cave. They went to sleep. In the middle of the night an old hag approached the young Airbeit. The women took Airbeit into the woods of the island where they discussed many things. The women introduced herself as Corpza. Corpza told Airbeit of how Bia and Occeair bet their lives as a game and planned to consume their essence. She pointed to Airbeit's heart and asked how the girl never felt any malice. The girl replied that people did not feel such things. Corpza claimed Occeair lied to her. Normal people feel anger and contemplation. He had consumed part of her heart. The hag pulled out a piece of heart from her pocket. It was blue. “If you consume this” said the hag Corpza. “Then you will regain the part of you stolen by Occeair” The girl remembered her promise to Occeair but felt this would not be in violation. The hag paused before she took a bite. “You must pay me one thing. She offered her hand and Airbeit shook it. "If you choose to consume this heart” The young Airbeit looked at her. “You will kill Occeair for me” the girl screamed “no!” and ran away. With the heart in her pocket.

She met back with Occeair and left the island. On the boat they had many emotions and stories. She hugged Occeair. She did not tell Occeair of what happened. Though he knew. Many years later Occeair said goodbye to his family. Then in private he said goodbye to Airbeit. Occeair would continue his mortal cycle. Airbeit with tears confessed the event. Occeair became saddened. “It is shameful it took you this long to tell me.” Arbeit cried. Occeir said goodbye and left her alone. Distressed she ate the heart she had saved. Now being bound by the promise to murder her father.

Soon she found Occeair in mortal form and murdered him with a knife. She carved a symbol of Genwa into his back. Occeair waited before he greeted her in the realm of the gods again. He captured her and brought her before Ahue, Challhue, and Lawhue. The gods talked among themselves before sentencing her. Lawhue proposed a long life bound by pain. Ahue dismissed the idea as being to kind. Ahue suggested she burn for eternity. Lawhue dismissed the idea being not kind enough. Eventually they decided. She would be bound in leather, tied to a pole, and hung amongst the world in stone for 3 centuries. Then she would die and be fed to the dog Azno ceasing to exist.

Occeair intervened. Saying such things were not what he wished. So the gods asked his perspective. Challhue spoke over him. “She took your life did she not? Ending your cycle earlier than intended?” “Yes” replied Occeiar. “Then is it not fair to take her life?” Occeair was handed a blade. “I took her life first” “Ah!” Challhue spoke. “You are within Genwa to take the life. Promises are bound for eternity. She spoke of betrayel did she not?” Occeair was confused. Challhue continued with his golden voice persuading Occeair. “It is not of balance. What is meant to die should die.” He handed him the blade. “If you do not we could always sentence her to reincarnation? Have her be one with you?” Occeair protested. He took the knife to the girl. Occeair slit her throat.

Her soul traveled down to Jikau. She saw many people. Jikau was an open world. She walked in. The trees bowed as she entered. Jikau had many spirits about it. Many humans playing, and several other entities fulfilling tasks there. She looked around. There was Corpza. “You are-” she spoke. Corpza took her hand and showed her into her home as they sat down for soup. “What is this place?” Corpza laughed. It was then upon gazing into her eyes that Airbeit saw her youth. “This pace is the afterlife” “I’m aware that much.” Airbeit said. “I wasn’t aware you were dead.” Corpza smiled sipping her drink. “I’m not. I not your Corpza nor are you my Tearake.” Airbeit was confused. Corpza explained to her that every life has a series of actions that a soul can take. Each action diverges into its own version of reality. “For example if you are offered a bowl to eat food with, and I offer you two bowls, you then have the option of a green bowl and red bowl.” Airbeit followed. Corpza continued “in one reality, you chose the red bowl in another reality you chose the green” Airbeit followed. “The outcome of the choice determines one version of the story, your reality what happens to you is determined by which bowl you took” Airbeit was following. “In this place of Jikau all realities coexist” Airbeit was confused. “What are you saying?” “Every decision you have ever made leads to a different version of your life, and a different version of you, here in Jikau different versions of you where you made different decisions exist” Corpza removed her glasses. “Here in Jikau there is a version of you where you took the red bowl, and a version of you where you took the green one, and a version of you where you took no bowl at all, each died at a different point and thus was brought here. Each exists within this place” Airbeit was stunned.

“You can visit your memories here, or any event that you know of to recall. You can meet new people and you can meet old friends. Some may remember you some may not” Airbeit covered her eyes. "There are laws here so it's not complete freedom however..." Tears fell. “Hush sister” Corpza said. Her eyes of mismatched in demeanor. “You can be at peace in Jikau. It is always in motion and always changing. The landscape is only solid for that of the gods” she wiped the tears from Airbeit's face. “Now why don’t I show you how it works?”


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